Scottish businesses missing out from new waste regulations


Waste management company William Tracey has warned Scottish businesses that they should ensure they are meeting the new waste regulations that came into effect in January.

The Scotland-based firm believes a number of businesses are still not implementing the Scottish regulations that means recyclable material such as paper, plastic, card, metals and food waste are separated from general waste prior to collection.


But the company says that by recycling more material, businesses will find there are cost savings compared to sending the material to landfill.

William Tracey Group managing director Robin Stevenson said: “We believe that a significant proportion of Scottish businesses are not only at risk of prosecution but are also missing a real opportunity to save money and improve their environmental performance.

“While there has been an initial period of grace, during which SEPA’s enforcement of the regulations has been relatively soft touch, recent comments indicate that this attitude will start to toughen meaning non compliant business could find themselves facing a fine of up to £10,000.”

The company has also organised a free seminar on 19 March at the Dakota Hotel, Eurocentral to help Scottish businesses meet their obligations.