Scottish Government funds remanufacturing as part of move to circular economy


Funding has been awarded to nine pioneering projects that will help Scottish remanufacturing businesses to make the most efficient use of materials.

The Scottish Institute for Remanufacture has awarded a total of £238,360 between nine companies.


Projects involve areas such as logistics in recovering products for remanufacture, material wear, cleaning technologies and end-of-life assessment.

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Scottish Environment Secretary Richard Lochhead (pictured) said: “Remanufacturing already contributes £1.1 billion to annual economic activity with potential to add an additional £620 million by 2020.

“I welcome these projects and hope to see these companies start to fulfil some of that growth potential.

“Alongside Scotland’s new circular economy strategy, this is an excellent example of the type of action which we are promoting in EU negotiations on a Europe-wide package of circular economy measures – most recently at last week’s EU Environment Council.”

Companies receiving the funding include Cummins Diesel ReCon, ACS Marine Risk Control, Campers Scotland and WEEE Scotland.