Scrap dealer sees trade speed up after introducing ID checks


A Dudley-based metals trader has said that trade is now quicker since he introduced identity checks.

Mason Metals commercial manager Neil Woodall told the BBC that he had introduced a voluntary register of customers in January to go with its existing CCTV and records of transactions including checking vehicle number plates.


He said: “We won’t do business with people on foot, or who arrive by taxi. We noticed that most people were volunteering ID anyway, probably because of the recent news coverage about metal thefts, so we just decided to try formalising that, after consulting with Dudley police.

“We also found that it speeds up trade. Because if we’ve already got a record of people’s personal details, they only have to show us ID to complete the business.”

He also said that the banning of cash transaction would not help: “If you’re doing your job properly, it shouldn’t matter if you’re paying for things by cash, cheque or electronic transfer.

“Banning cash sales could just lead to the creation of a black market, because the high value of metals is still there.”


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