Scrap dealers in Cheshire join forces with police to help combat metal theft


Four scrap dealers in Cheshire have signed up to a scheme that means they will refuse to buy scrap from people who turn up in taxis, on foot or on a cycle.

Garatts in Nantwich, Sandbach Car and Commercial, Enviro Skip at Radway Green and Houston’s in Crewe have joined up with Crewe Neighbourhood Policing Unit to launch the scheme.


Posters will warn potential customers that they will also need to provide their name, address and number plate of anyone selling metal to them.

Cheshire Police sergeant Adam Cooper said: “The area has experienced all forms of metal thefts including lead flashing from roofs, copper piping from derelict houses and commercial premises and grid covers from the roadside.

“We have been carrying out operations to tackle the issue including test sales at scrap metal dealers and educating them to make it harder for thieves to sell their ill gotten gains. This scheme goes a step further by getting them on board to make it even more difficult for criminals.”