scrap-ex in the news :


An online trading tool for secondary materials is due to expand its physical plastics platform after 3,000 tonnes of material was traded in a single month.

scrap-ex, which hosts online orders for a range of scrap materials, including glass, non-ferrous metals, paper and plastics, will expand its range of plastics to include HDP and plastic bottles to meet increasing market demand for more grades.


scrap-ex director of markets Gareth Goodall said: “We have seen growing interest in the physical plastics trading screen since its launch last month. Momentum and interest continues to grow, and we are signing three or four new companies every day at the moment”. 

The expansion will also include a new trading platform to make it easier for buyers and sellers to find the required grades of plastic. Goodall told MRW that the expansion will be necessary after the first became “overloaded” with grades.

Goodall said: “It’s starting to work, and we’re adding new things because we want to make it clearer for everyone to use, so people aren’t looking down 30 grades of plastic.”

The scrap-ex team also plans to add a dedicated metals screen to the marketplace in the coming weeks, following interest from scrap metal merchants.

scrap-ex has been shortlisted for the Best New Technology award at the 2010 National Recycling Awards.