Scrap metal dealer donates £21,000 to repair damaged war memorials


A south London scrap dealer has donated £21,000 to replace stolen metal plaques on a war memorial.

Fourteen bronze plaques were stolen from the war memorial in Carshalton in September 2011.


New plaques will be made from Portland stone and have been funded by the donation from Stuart Nebbett who runs a scrap dealership nearby.

He said: “I wanted to make this gift to the community to make it clear that we run a professional operation, which had nothing to do with this theft, and that I was as outraged as everyone else that the local war memorial should have been plundered this way.

“We may not wear business suits to work, or work from a smart business unit, but that doesn’t mean that we take advantage of any opportunities to accept and process any scrap metal to run our business.”