Scrap metal dealers ID registration


Torfaen Council has launched a new scheme with local scrap dealers to prevent the theft of metal called ‘No ID? No Cash!’

The new scheme ensures that scrap metal dealers must be registered with Torfaen Council and carry a photo ID card, along with a log of all the metal they have collected, such as the name and address of where it was collected.


Torfaen neighbourhood support unit temporary police sergeant Andrew Boucher said: “We have been working with Torfaen Council, local scrap yards and other agencies over the last year to help reduce the theft of metal.

“This initiative is another step forward in helping to further reduce the theft of metal and ensuring that only registered collectors are able to sell metal to scrap yards.”

Torfaen County Borough Council insurance manager Samuel Anstee added: “Metal thieves cost Torfaen more than £100,000 every year – money that should be spent on delivering valuable services to our residents.

“We welcome this new initiative which demonstrates our commitment to tackling this criminal activity, working in partnership with the police, scrap metal and recycling sectors and our partners at SmartWater to ensure metal thieves remain on the back foot in Torfaen.”