Screwfix meets zero waste to landfill from backhauling


Trade tool retailer Screwfix has achieved zero waste to landfill following its partnership with SAICA Natur.

As part of the Kingfisher Retail Group, Screwfix has undergone a massive expansion in the last few years and since 2007 has opened 215 stores to take it to a total of 285 across the UK.


Since beginning work with SAICA Natur in 2007, Screwfix has now achieved its zero waste to landfill objective by diverting 415 tonnes of material from landfill and recycling more than 4,700 tonnes.

It has done this by introducing a backhauling system and a two-stream recycling solution to create efficiencies for the business.

Material for recycling is sorted into mixed recycling and general waste at each store and is then returned to Screwfix’s delivery centre where a team sorts the mixed recycables and compacts the general waste.

As a result of this, traditional waste collections were no longer needed to service the stores, leading to all wheelie bins being removed from site. This has also led to cost and space savings.

SAICA Natur has also worked on dealing with chemical and hazardous wastes at distribution centres.

Screwfix quality manager Peter Harries said: “These initiatives have been in place for a number of months and are working very well.

“They have made a real step change to our waste management and recycling practices. We are delighted to have achieved zero waste to landfill status at our stores and are impressed by the efficiencies that we have been able to introduce.

“SAICA Natur worked with us together to determine the best solution in terms of dealing with the company’s waste. This allows Screwfix to be in control of waste streams and ultimately where the waste ends up – away from landfill.”