Shanks breaks ground on recycling and energy plant in Wakefield


Work has begun on a new Shanks waste treatment facility as part of its PFI contract with Wakefield Council.

Both Shanks and Wakefield Council marked the occasion by hosting a ground breaking ceremony to signify commencement of construction of the facility.


The energy self-sufficient residual waste treatment facility at South Kirkby, Wakefield forms part of a 25 year PFI contract with Wakefield Council.

It will employ a number of processes to treat and recycle waste from around Wakefield including sorting residual waste to extract metals, glass and some plastics for recycling using an autoclave facility.

An anaerobic digestion facility will treat some organic waste, while remaining material will be turned into a refuse derived fuel.

Overall, the facility will treat 250,000 tonnes of material each year.

Shanks UK managing director Peter Eglinton said: “We are delighted to mark this significant milestone in the project and look forward to continuing the construction through to the completion, where the facility will transform waste management in Wakefield.”

Wakefield Council leader Cllr Peter Box added: “This is an exciting and momentous occasion as we mark commencement of works on the South Kirkby site.

“The new waste treatment facility will not only reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill, but 60 new jobs will be created when the facility is fully operational. This will make a significant contribution to the local economy and is great news for the district.”