Shipping of recyclable materials resumes from US to China

Container ship under Golden Gate Bridge
A container ship under San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge

CCIC North America has confirmed that the temporary ban on shipping recyclable materials from the United States to China has now ended.

In a letter circulated by the Bureau of International Recycling, that was sent from CCIC North America to its customers, it stated that the ban was lifted on 1 June.


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However, because of new inspection requirements, CCIC North America will not be able to begin inspections until 8 June and will require at least five days notice before being able to undertake them.

The letter also noted that CCIC North America will comply with the new inspection regime imposed by China last week that appeared to require 100% inspection of containers.

Impact on market

As the ban comes to an end, it is likely to have an impact on the UK market. It has definitely been the case that Chinese buyers have been focusing on UK and European material with the option of US material closed to them.

However, US exporters have recently been able to get certification via Canada and this has helped to mitigate a total focus on other destinations by allowing some US material to move to China.

It seems likely that the impact on the market will take a week or two to have an effect with CCIC North America unable to begin inspections until 8 June and then requiring at least five days notice.

Other markets have also been flooded with US material though, and these may remain full for quite a few weeks yet. Plus, we have seen countries such as Vietnam, Indonesia and Poland introduce or consider import restrictions that may lead to more material available on the market too.

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