Simon Ellin picks out worst packaging offenders for recyclability for the BBC


Pringles, Lucozade and black plastic meat trays have been picked out by Simon Ellin as among the worst packaging offenders for reports on the BBC.



The Recycling Association chief executive (pictured) appeared on BBC Breakfast on BBC 1, BBC 5 Live Breakfast and across BBC local radio to promote the worst offenders, while also revealing companies that are making great strides to improve the recyclability of their packaging.


Simon Ellin picked out Pringles as one of the worst offenders due to the cardboard outer, metal lining, metal base, foil and paper strip and plastic lid making it difficult to recycle.


He also criticised Lucozade Sport bottle because its design means it is covered in an unnecessary polymer shrink wrap sleeve that means it is over-packaged and cannot be recycled.


Supermarket black plastic meat trays were picked because they cannot be picked up by infrared technology at material recycling facilities due to the pigment in them.


Cleaning spray bottles were also on his list due to the use of several polymers and often a metal spring in them, making them difficult to recycle.


Despite being a whisky drinker himself, the metal bottom and top to the sleeve on the glass bottle and the metal cap are difficult to recycle due to the various material involved.


Simon Ellin said: “I have picked out these products as they are among the worst offenders when it comes to packaging that is difficult to recycle.


“We have got to ensure that the whole supply chain is involved from designers, to manufacturers, to retailers, to recyclers, to local authorities and the householder so that the products we buy can be recycled.


“The Quality First campaign launched by The Recycling Association last year, wants to ensure that we provide good quality material to the market for recycling, and one of the best ways to help this is to ensure that the product is easy to recycle in the first place.


“Companies such as Coca-Cola, Marks & Spencer and Unilever are pioneers in improving the sustainability of their products and ensuring the packaging can be recycled once used. If they can do it, surely other manufacturers and retailers can.”


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