SITA Finland buys the world’s first multi-robot ZenRobotics Recycler process


A multi-robot picking system has been bought by SITA Finland to sort and recycle construction and demolition waste.

It is buying two ZenRobotics Recycler (ZRR) systems, one ZRR Heavy Picker and one ZRR Fast Picker. Since 2011, SITA Finland has been testing the technology and has decided to go ahead with a purchase of a full multi-robot line.


SITA Finland’s Helsinki plant has seen its recycling rate of construction and demolition waste increase from 70 per cent to 90 per cent since using the test line, and it now hopes to achieve 95 per cent using the multi-robot line.

Other SITA companies are following the project in Finland to see whether its success can be replicated elsewhere.

SITA Finland chief executive Jorma Kangas said: “Sustainable re-use of raw materials is key. SITA is now introducing a revolutionary technology to waste management. This strengthens our position as a supplier of high-quality industrial raw materials in Finland.”

ZenRobotics chief executive Juho Malmberg added: “Our three years of cooperation has come to fruition. The SITA installation will be built by Finnish machine-building industry to the designs of the super-talented ZenRobotics team. And this is just the beginning of what SITA and ZenRobotics can do together.”