Six companies get funding for research into electric car battery recycling


The Technology Strategy Board has given a share of £500,000 to six British companies to carry out feasibility studies into the recycling and re-use of batteries for low and ultra low carbon vehicles.

Axeon, Energy Cost Advisors, LiFeBATT, NAREC, OXIS Energy and TRL will carry out seven studies (TRL will do two) to identify cost-effective recycling techniques, the value of recovered materials and the commercial opportunities from the re-use of batteries.


Technology Strategy Board head of transport Andrew Everett said: “The aim of the feasibility studies is to draw out innovative, market-focused UK research which has the potential to increase valuable battery life and enable cost-effective recycling, address concerns around the sustainable use and recovery of raw materials within automotive batteries and contribute to the development in the UK of an automotive battery recycling industry.”

The total cost of the studies is £670,000 with the bidding companies also contributing to the cost. The research is expected to start this September and take a year to complete.