Sky on target to meet its sustainability goals


Satellite TV provider Sky looks set to meet its target to halve its carbon emissions relative to revenue by 2020.

It is also likely to reduce its carbon intensity by 33 per cent against its 2008/09 baseline.


Part of this has been from introducing more energy efficient Sky+HD boxes and broadband routers, but much of its progress has come from its offices.

Although it increased the amount of waste sent to landfill in 2012/13 to 7 per cent from 4 per cent the year before due to revised reporting from its Scottish offices, it overall reduced the amount of waste it created.

It recycled 100 per cent of used products returned to Sky.

It also continued to invest in renewable energy generation for its offices and studios increasing this to 6 per cent from 2 per cent  a year earlier ahead of meeting a 20 per cent target by 2020.

On releasing its Seeing the Bigger Picture sustainability report, Sky chief executive Jeremy Darroch said: “We understand that creating a business that ensures for the long-term means looking beyond our immediate commercial priorities to consider the impact that we have on the wider communities in which we operate.”