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Small changes on metal markets


There wasn’t much movement on the metal markets yesterday, although the trend was downwards for most metals.

Three month copper was trading at $7,619 (£4,818) from $7,684 (£4,843) on Tuesday.

Aluminium was a touch lower at $2,118 (£1,339) on Wednesday from $2,137 (£1,347) a day earlier. Alloy was also down at $2,020 (£1,277) from $2,040 (£1,286) on Tuesday.

Lead was down a touch to $2,003 yesterday from $2,011 on Tuesday but remained unchanged in sterling at £1,267. Nickel was up on Wednesday to $17,745 (£11,221) from $17,600 (£11,092) the day before.

Tin fell to $21,395 (£13,529) yesterday compared to Tuesday’s $21,595 (£13,611). Zinc was up to $1,917 (£1,212) compared to $1,912 (£1,205) the day before.

Steel increased to $530 (£335) from $525 (£331) the day before.  

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