SNP promises to build resource efficient Scotland in its manifesto


The Scottish National Party would work to stimulate remanufacturing in Scotland, according to its general election manifesto.

Following the election, the SNP’s MPs in Westminster would work to deliver a more resource efficient Scotland.


The manifesto said: “As part of our focus on meeting our climate change targets and promoting sustainable economic growth, we will support businesses, the third sector and public sector organisations working to boost productivity by using energy, materials and water more efficiently, so we can build a more resource efficient Scotland.

“This includes work to stimulate remanufacturing networks and supply chains through the Scottish Institute of Remanufacturing, one of only four international centres of excellence.”

The SNP also said that it will continue to develop its zero waste strategy that has been developed by it in its capacity of the Scottish Government.

As part of this, it will support a range of initiatives including the ongoing pilot project for reverse vending machines to encourage rewards for recycling.