Spain planning end-of-waste for mechanically recycled plastics in 2023


The Spanish Government has announced that it wants to introduce end-of-waste criteria for mechanically recycled plastics in 2023.

In a Ministerial Order to establish the criteria, published by the Ministry for the Ecological Transition, it sets out the background and planned rules that Spanish plastics will need to meet for end-of-waste.


The criteria only applies to thermoplastics and those applying end-of-waste to these materials must be controlled by qualified personnel. They will need to be trained, through visual inspection and accompanying documentation, to identify waste that does not meet the criteria. Laboratory tests may also be necessary to determine any hazardous characteristics.

Residues of personal hygiene products will not be permitted and any hazardous materials. Plastic wastes with persistent organic pollutants above legal limits will also not be allowed.

Materials that meet these criteria will also need to be stored separately from any other types of waste, and must not be mixed with any type of waste.

Portugal is the only other European nation that has announced plans for end-of-waste criteria for plastics.

Spain is currently proposing to adopt the policy in the first quarter of 2023 and for it to enter into force in the second half of the same year.

Below is a Google Translate version of the Ministerial Order in full.