Specialist Waste Recycling (SWR) inspired at RWM by Wayne Hemingway presentation


Top UK designer Wayne Hemingway has inspired a change of approach for Specialist Waste Recycling (SWR) at RWM.

After hearing a talk at an invite-only event for businesses involved in resource efficiency by Wayne Hemingway, SWR decided to tear up its original plans for its show stand.


Instead it is inviting thought and conversation about just how much of a lead the industry is taking in sustainable practice.

Wayne Hemingway asked industry leaders to consider whether they and their firms were truly practicing what they preach when it comes to sustainability. Very few (if any) people at the talk were comfortable in putting themselves forward at getting close at home or at work.

This struck a chord with SWR chief executive Giles Whiteley. He said: “The recycling industry should be the stand out leader in the continuous improvement of all round sustainable practice. Of course, we are pretty good where being green is concerned – it’s what we do – but we want to find out what more the industry believes it could and should be doing. I think we’ll be surprised.”

SWR hopes to not only open a debate but to engender actions and if possible even track positive change.

The company has devoted its stand at RWM to this subject and is encouraging people from within the industry as well as its own customers to pledge or commit to a positive change in their everyday actions at home or work. 

A pledge can also be made at www.swrwastemanagement.co.uk/pledge