Spectra Packaging launch post-consumer recycled plastic bottles with 10% minimum content


Spectra Packaging has announced the launch of post-consumer recycled (PCR10) plastic bottles as part of the company’s environmental initiatives.  

These new products will see the company add a minimum of 10% PRC material, but can increase up to 100% if desired, to all future HDPE and PET products. 


Customers have the option of declining or opting- out of this new initiative if they don’t want PCR plastics used in the manufacture of their packaging. 

The company’s recycled plastic is gathered in the UK when possible to reduce carbon footprint, and as it works closely with its suppliers, they can also track the recycled materials back to allow traceability.  

Spectra Packaging sales director Jonathan Powell said: “PCR10 is a hugely important initiative for us as we continue to take environmentally friendly measures as a responsible plastics manufacturer.” 

He added that when exploring new sustainability options for plastic packaging, manufacturers leave it to the brand owners and retailers, but said that Spectra is shifting the responsibility in a scheme designed to see as many of our customers as possible using more environmental materials”. 

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