Stora Enso and Tetra Pak investigating potential beverage carton recycling line in Belgium


Mill group Stora Enso and packaging producer Tetra Pak are working together to examine whether to build a beverage carton recycling facility in Belgium.

It would be at Stora Enso’s Langerbrugge site, and this is where the fibre element would be recycled and turned into containerboard. Polymer and aluminium barrier materials would be recycled by another dedicated partner, which would be secured by Tetra Pak.


The facility would serve the Benelux market typically, where 75,000 tonnes of these cartons are put on the market annually. But it would also serve surrounding markets.

There is currently no beverage carton recycling infrastructure in Benelux countries.

It follows on from Stora Enso’s recently announced feasibility study into converting one of Langerbrugge’s paper lines into a high-volume recycled containerboard line.

Tetra Pak managing director France & Benelux Chakib Kara said: “With this joint initiative, we underline our commitment to local recycling progress and improving infrastructure in Benelux, a region with high volumes of collected beverage cartons.

“Stora Enso is a trusted and important partner which has the know-how and experience we need in fibre recycling. Together with them, we have the potential to put in place a circular solution that helps us secure a world where a growing number of carton packages is collected, recycled and we can minimise litter.”