Stora Enso launch sustainable RFID tag technology

Stora Enso
Stora Enso launch sustainable RFID tag technology Pic: Stora Enso

Renewable material company Stora Enso has launched a new sustainable RFID (Radio Frequent Identification) tag technology called ECO, which enables plastic free, paper-based RFID tags. 

This technology is designed for intelligent packaging functionalities in supply chain, retail and e-commerce applications.  


The RFID technology allows the packaged product to be automatically tracked, traced and tamper-proofed throughout the supply chain. 

ECO technology enables the RFID tags to be produced on a 100% fibre-based paper label, unlike traditional plastic tags, resulting in a lower carbon footprint for sustainability conscious B2B and B2C companies.   

Stora Enso head of intelligence packaging Martin Ros said: “The launch of ECOTM creates a truly sustainable option for our customers and consumers, accelerating the use of smart technology in Stora Enso’s renewable solutions. Our ECO technology is unique in the sense that it offers a recyclable and plastic layer free option for RFID end-users, thus enabling a digital and sustainable packaging infrastructure.” 

By integrating the RFID tag with a paper label, the manufacturing process becomes more scalable, and more cost-effective, without compromising on performance and reliability, said Stora Enso.  

The ECO tag can be recycled with paper and board materials and is available for use in multiple projects across various sectors.  


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