Strong third quarter for paper and aluminium packaging recycling


Figures from the National Packaging Waste Database show a strong recycling performance for paper and aluminium in Q3 of this year.

Paper recycling increased to 824,374 tonnes from 745,453 in Q2. While aluminium saw 20,249 tonnes recycled from 18,235 in the second quarter.


Glass and plastic were reasonably stable but steel fell to 94,502 tonnes in Q3 from 102,484 in Q2. Wood, as a result of the fire at Sonae was down to 117,212 in the third quarter from 161,718 in the previous three months.

Steel fell to 94,502 in Q3 from 102,484 in Q2 while recovery was down to 151,053 from 165,718 in the second quarter.

scrap-ex director Gareth Goodall said: “Glass and plastic seem to have come in pretty much in line with market expectations, which will probably mean stable-ish pricing towards the end of the year.

“Wood is interesting as it seems like the impact of the Sonae fire is showing through in those numbers but it’s probably too late in the year to have much of an impact on price.

“It will also be very interesting to see what will happen next year. Material prices are down and export demand has clearly reduced. We will also see the Saica mill at Partington, near Manchester, ramping up from Q1 which may have an impact on the Paper PRNs. We are also going to see some more reprocessors dropping out because the numbers don’t add up for them at these PRN levels.”

Q2 Q3
Paper  745,453 824,374
Glass 441,210 441,011
Aluminium 18,235 20,249
Steel   102,484 94,502
Plastic 157,505 155,931
Wood 161,718 117,212
Recovery (EfW)