Study shows environmental benefits of container glass


A study has shown the social, environmental and economic benefits container glass brings to the European economy.

Commissioned by trade body the European Container Glass Federation (FEVE), and put together by Ernst & Young, the study found that the sector invests up to €610 million (£466 million) each year in 155 container glass plants across Europe.


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It also contributes €9.5 billion each year to European GDP.

With seven out of ten bottles collected for recycling, this means one tonne of recycled glass saves 1.2 tonnes of virgin raw materials and cuts CO2 emissions by 60%.

FEVE secretary general Adeline Farrelly said: “Closed loop bottle to bottle recycling is key to making the circular economy real. Closed loop recycling decouples the demand for resources against much needed growth in Europe. This is a major opportunity for the European economy to get out of deep water.”