Suez calls for clarity from Government to end uncertainty on resource policy


Recycling and recovery business Suez has welcomed the merger of DECC and BIS, but called for more clarity on resource policy, especially now the UK has voted to leave the EU.

On the back of the merger of Government departments DECC and BIS and the appointment of Greg Clark as new Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, plus Andrea Leadsom becoming the new Environment Secretary, Suez said it wanted to see “vision and leadership” from Government as negotiations to leave the EU take place.


Suez UK recycling and recovery division chief executive David Palmer-Jones said: “As a long term investor in UK energy and recycling infrastructure SUEZ welcomes any rationalisation of Government departments to ensure the creation of more joined up, long-term strategic policy planning at a national level to help us build the power stations, produce the resource and create opportunities for a skilled labour force the country needs.

“Businesses like ours need clear long term policy guidance from Whitehall so we can continue to plan and invest in infrastructure to help address the country’s rapidly impending energy supply gap as we wean ourselves off fossil fuels.

“All of the UK’s devolved administrations will be looking for clarity and certainty of process over the UK’s negotiations with Europe over its long-term relationship with the EU and during that period of transition, the waste and resources sector continues to seek vision and leadership from Whitehall as well as the industry getting its due.

“National policy makers should note that only this April, MPs endorsed Suez’s view that UK membership of the EU has underpinned the pace of environmental action – this is good for the environment and the country’s appreciation of water and waste as resources to support jobs and investment and we – the whole of the UK – remain a member of the EU until Article 50 negotiations have concluded.

“During this period of trade and related policy renegotiation between the UK and the EU, Suez shall be working closely with each local authority and with all businesses where policy commitment remains high in turning our waste into a resource.”