SUEZ welcomes high recycling rates for paper and glass

glass recycling

Following Defra’s release of the 2016 waste statistics in the UK, SUEZ has said that good progress has been made on meeting high recycling rates for some materials. 

Within Defra’s figures, it found that there was a high recovery and recycling rate for some materials, including glass and paper, which have exceeded the 60% EU targets. But SUEZ believe more must be done. 


SUEZ technical development director Stuart Hayward-Higham said: “It is encouraging to note that high recovery and recycling rates for some materials are being achieved. Recycling and recovery rates in 2016 for materials like glass and paper comfortably exceeded the 60% EU targets and metals recycling from packaging has exceeded the 50% EU target. The flat line in the last years in biodegradable municipal waste shows we have more work to do on moving more waste away from landfill.” 

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