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Survey finds that the cost of goods is more important than the environmental impact to businesses in the UK

Neil Davies
Neil Davies CBAF chief executive

According to a quarterly survey by Close Brothers Asset Finance, the cost of goods is more important to 76% of firms surveyed than the environmental impact when it comes to procuring products. 

The survey of 900 businesses in the UK and Ireland found that nearly eight out of 10 of SME’s actively encourage their employees to be more environmentally responsible, although the cost of goods is more important.  

This survey also found that: 

  • Recycling is a priority for 81% of firms, mostly in the engineering sector, where the rate is 92% 
  • 64% would consider offering employees one day off a year to volunteer for environmental causes 
  • Business owners feel even less enthusiastic about home working than volunteering, with only 45% of those polled encouraging working from home as a way to reduce their organisation’s carbon footprint and environmental impact, 48% rejected the idea.  

Close Brothers Asset Finance chief executive Neil Davies said: “These results clearly demonstrate the decisions business owners are faced with every day. On the one hand they really want to be ethical in the purchasing choices they make, but on the other they need to protect their profits.  

“What is encouraging is that the will is obviously there; as less environmentally damaging products become available and, importantly, affordable, they will be considered by those making the purchasing decisions.”  


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