Survey shows disappointment with Waste Review


Over 80 per cent of respondents to a survey have said the Waste Review was not ambitious enough.

Research undertaken by Beasley Associates and Ray Georgeson Resources (RGR) showed that half of respondents expressed concern of the review being used as the foundation for the forthcoming Waste Management Plan 2012.


One of the most disappointing aspects in the Waste Review for respondents, was the lack of targets across the board for household waste recycling, waste prevention, packaging (extended producer responsibility) and commercial and industrial waste.

Among some of the issues which people who filled out the survey wanted to see, were greater enforcement of Trans Frontier Shipment regulations to address the issue of illegal exports and resolving of materials quality issues.

Another complaint was the lack of substance on planning permission changes for infrastructure development, while there was also concern over a failure to imply source separation requirements on businesses.

RGR director Ray Georgeson said: “Waste and resources industry leaders may have spent their summer holidays reading it properly on the beach, but their reaction to the Defra Waste Review has not improved since the initial reactions when it was launched in June.”

Beasley Associates director Jane Beasley added: “It is notable that the Review appears to have disappointed so many across all sectors. It seems to have displeased almost everyone for different reasons and we hope that ministers and officials will take stock before embarking on the Waste Management Plan 2012.”

The report, The Defra Waste Review 2011: Reflections from the Industry can be downloaded at or