Survey shows food redistribution charities are struggling with infrastructure


A survey undertaken by social good social network Neighbourly has discovered some of the challenges faced by 218 charities that redistribute unused food.

The primary uses of surplus food were emergency food provision (54.6%) or regular hot meal provision (33.5%). This showed the need for the infrastructure that helps charities feed 30,000 people each week.


But the survey revealed that many charities were struggling with need for more storage space, more transport to collect donations, better funding and a more regular supply of contributions.

Neighbourly Food Programme leader Steve Haines said: “This survey gives an accurate snapshot of the heroic efforts of groups across the UK in getting surplus food to those who need it most.

“Food surplus redistribution is a win-win for society. But we need to address the huge gaps in both capability and capacity.

“We need to help these charities and community projects get whatever is needed – whether than means funds, volunteer drivers to deliver food, consistent food donation supply, or the right tools and infrastructure – in order to better serve those in need.”