Swedish Plastic Recycling investing in world’s largest plastic recycling facility

Swedish Plastic Recycling Site Zero
An impression of Site Zero

A 200,000 tonnes per year plastic recycling facility is set to be built by Swedish Plastic Recycling.

The plant, known as Site Zero, will be built in Motala in Sweden and is said by the company to be the world’s largest of its type.


In phase one it will sort PP, HDPE, LDPE, PET trays and bottles, PP film, EPS, PS, PVC, two grades of polyolefin mix, metals and non-plastic waste. Once sorted, material that cannot be recycled will be sent for chemical recycling, or to become new composite products. Swedish Plastic Recycling said no material will be sent for incineration.

Phase two will add washing and granulation by 2025.

A total investment of SEK 1 billion (£85 million) is being made in the plant, which is capable of processing all plastic packaging from Swedish households. An SEK 180 million (£15 million) contribution is being made to the project by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency.

Swedish Plastic Recycling chief executive Mattias Philipsson said: “This investment creates the prerequisites needed for making Sweden a world leader in plastic recycling. Being able to do it together with our producer customers and owners, who consist of large parts of the Swedish business community, is very inspiring.”

Site Zero will double the capacity of Swedish Plastic Recycling with its current facility only capable of processing four types of plastic.

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