SWEEEP buys the first CRT glass furnace from Nulife Glass


WEEE recycler SWEEEP Kuuwsakoski has bought the world’s first furnace capable of recovering pure glass and lead from glass cathode ray tubes.

It is the first purchase of the lead extraction furnace for commercial use that was developed by Nulife Glass.


The furnace works by heating up the glass to over 1,000°C and when a compound is added, the two materials separate and the lead sinks to the bottom and the glass rises to the top.

SWEEEP contracts manager Justin Greenaway said: “CRT glass has been a huge headache for the industry because it’s very difficult to discard. Having this furnace available is a big jump towards genuine sustainable recycling for the industry.”

The pure lead will be sold to industry, while the glass will be turned into decorative pebbles that have end of life status. These pebbles can be sold in places such as garden centres.

Furnace inventor and founder of Nulife Glass Simon Greer said: “The furnace is unique. There are no other facilities in the world that can recover the pure lead and pure glass from CRT glass. I have received a lot of enquiries from people all over the world wanting to purchase the furnace.”