Tesco customers choose Keep Scotland Beautiful and Keep Wales Tidy to receive plastic bag charge money


Around 27,000 Tesco customers have voted for the charities that will receive an estimated £1.8 million from the plastic bag charge in Scotland and Wales.

Keep Scotland Beautiful is expected to get an estimated £1 million from the Scottish levy, while Keep Wales Tidy should get around £800,000 from the equivalent charge in Wales.


Both charities plan to use the money to fund a variety of projects to keep local communities clean, tidy and green.

Tesco community director Greg Sage said: “Our customers are the ones who will pay the charge, so we really wanted them to choose the charities that will benefit from it. The response we had was absolutely incredible – 27,000 people voted which is a fantastic turnout.

“Since 2011, the carrier bag levy in Wales has raised over £2.3 million for the local RSPB, which has been used for vital conservation work. Keep Scotland Beautiful and Keep Wales Tidy now have a fantastic opportunity to use the money raised from the bag charge to make a real difference to the communities they serve.”

Both partnerships will run for an initial period of 12 months from 20 October 2014.

Tesco asked customers to vote on a shortlist of organisations to receive the plastic bag levy cash at the beginning of August.