Tesco turning its back of store waste into closed loop plastic carrier bags


New closed loop plastics carrier bags have appeared in Tesco stores that have been created from back of store waste.

Tesco has been working with Eurokey Recycling to take pallet and multi-pack wrapping into a second life product made by Papier-Mettler.


The carrier bags are made from 100% recycled LDPE with 80% of the material being post-consumer waste, and the remaining 20% from Tesco’s production process on site.

Tesco procurement manager Robin Hughes said: “We are extremely proud to work with these suppliers to turn plastics from our business generated waste into our single use carrier bags.

“We believe that recycling materials back into products makes sense for the industry and the environment.”

The material is collected by Eurokey who sort it at their Eastern European sorting facility for reprocessing.

After this, the LDPE is processed and granulated at the Papier-Mettler facility in Germany.

Here the granulated recycled LDPE is used to produced Tesco single use carrier bags as well as a part element for its Bag for Life.