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Thai Government consults on plastic definition ahead of import ban

Mixed plastics
Mixed plastics

The Thai Government has launched a consultation on its definition of what constitutes plastic when it comes to ban imports of the material.

Thailand is due to ban imports of recycled plastics by the end of this year.

The definition of plastic waste given by the Thai Government is:

Plastic waste means plastic waste collected from homes, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, shops, offices and industrial factories. By being plastic or used or deteriorated, can not be used, or is no longer needed without classification of plastics or mixtures with other materials or contamination.

It lists examples of plastic waste that will not be permitted for import, which includes plastic bags, plastic bottles, water bottle caps, plastic glasses, foam boxes, ropes, straws, confectionary bags, bags that are mixed without separation, plastics from electronic waste and and plastic contaminated with hazardous substances.

The consultation is open until 28 February and more information is available (in Thai) here: https://www.pcd.go.th/


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