The Recycling Association sets up plastics group


A plastics group has been set up by The Recycling Association to represent the interests of existing and new members.

The plastics focus group was formed at a meeting at the end of April. Companies that attended included Plasgran, Acorn Recycling, Land Polymers, PDS, 99p Recycling and CK Polymers.


Recycling Association chief executive Simon Ellin said: “Many of our established members have diversified their operations over the past few years where recovered plastics have become an integral part of their businesses and we felt we needed to offer them greater representation.

“In addition to this, we were approached by other dedicated plastics recyclers who felt underrepresented in certain areas of their business and had noticed similarities between their own concerns and what The Recycling Association have been campaigning on, primarily for the paper industry.

“These include threats to exports, the PRN/PERN issue, overzealous compliance, commercial insurance issues and to promote confidence in the use of recycled plastics.

“We invited a selection of plastics industry specialist which we already had line with, to a meeting to discuss if we did indeed have areas where we could work together. The consensus was an overwhelming yes, and the companies we invited have all agreed to become members and we will now drive the initiative forward, and we will aim to attract new members from the plastics industry.

“We firmly believe that by combining the forces of paper and plastics, we can gain an even greater voice with which to influence decision makers. Trading is still tough out there and we believe that by protecting UK interests while keeping an open and level playing field for exports with sensible compliance, we can continue to nurture the fantastic success story that is the UK recycling infrastructure.

“If we merge the common voices of paper and plastics together, we can create a much stronger voice with which to achieve our objectives.”

The plastics focus group will meet on a regular basis and will feed through to the board of directors of The Recycling Association. Another objective is appointing directors whose primary speciality is plastics onto the association board.