The Recycling Association welcomes Tesco’s initiatives to make recycling simpler

Simon Ellin, The Recycling Association

The Recycling Association has welcomed Tesco’s plans to help make recycling simpler by creating a closed-loop system across its UK operations.

These steps include:

  •     Removing, reducing and redesigning packaging materials and its use
  •     Improve recovery and recycling
  •    To ideally work with the Government to develop a nationwide recycling infrastructure
  •     Help raise awareness to change consumer behaviour.

The supermarket has also announced that it will be removing hard to recycle materials from its packaging, including PVC, polystyrene, oxy degradable materials, PLA, water soluble bio plastics and industrial compostable.

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Tesco has also released a list of materials that it will support for use in future. These include: sustainably sourced wood, board, paper & glassine, PET, glass, polypropylene (non food), HDPE & LDPE, polyethylene (preferred material for flexible film), steel and aluminium.

The Recycling Association chief executive Simon Ellin said: “This is fantastic from Tesco and we hope that other supermarkets go down the same route. Tesco’s decision to help make recycling simpler for its customers is a vital step to change consumer behaviour and improve recycling in the UK.

“A big part of our Quality First campaign has been about encouraging retailers, manufacturers and other stakeholders to design packaging that is easy to recycle, and that is exactly what Tesco intends to do by banning those materials that are difficult to recycle and focusing on those that are the core recyclable materials.

“We also agree with Tesco that labelling needs to be simple to understand, and we then need the collection infrastructure to be consistent too with all local authorities collecting these core materials. The Recycling Association believe that Tesco’s aim of creating a closed-loop system is a great idea. This will lead to more recycled material being used. We will be happy to work with Tesco and the Government to develop the infrastructure and communications necessary to make recycling work better for everyone.

“If other supermarkets follow the lead of Tesco and the Government responds to its suggestions, then very soon we will have a closed loop recycling system that works for the public, works for the recycling sector, and works for the retailers and manufacturers too. Well done Tesco.”

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