The Recycling Podcast has been launched

The Recycling Podcast

A new podcast, The Recycling Podcast, discussing the latest issues in the recycling sector has been launched.

The first episode of The Recycling Podcast features Laure Cucuron from Terracycle, Simon Ellin from The Recycling Association and Adam Read from Suez.


Hosted by Paul Sanderson, the first episode of The Recycling Podcast features a discussion on the currently open Resources & Waste Strategy consultation.

The guests discuss the different options for PRN/PERN reform, extended producer responsibility and deposit return schemes plus much more.

Listen at your desk on our own podcast player here or alternatively listen for free while in the car or on a train journey on Spotify or iTunes. Make sure you follow or subscribe on Spotify or iTunes so you know when every new episode is released.

REB Market Intelligence managing director Paul Sanderson said: “The Recycling Podcast brings in-depth conversation to you in an easy-to-listen format. It helps to keep you informed on the latest news and views of key people in the recycling industry and related sectors. We plan to produce at least one podcast every month, and hopefully one per fortnight.

“With The Recycling Event in partnership with nine trade associations and here on our REB Market Intelligence website, we are transforming the media landscape in the recycling sector. We even have more new developments on the way too.”

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