Trade bodies join forces to highlight benefits of European Union to resource and waste industry


Five trade associations have got together to show why they believe the UK has benefitted from European legislation for resources and recycling.

ADBA, CIWM, ESA, REA and the Resource Association have put together a common response to the UK Government’s recent EU Balance of Competences Review that looks at how the UK benefits from European Union membership.


In a joint statement, the associations said: “In sharing our separate responses to the Government’s consultation, it is clear that there are strong common positions and concerns about the role of the EU that are shared across the industry. We are clear that the overall impact of EU waste legislation has benefited the UK and that we want the UK to maintain a strong role in influencing EU waste and resources policy.

“We agree that much more needs to be done to level the playing field of implementation of EU legislation, especially on delivering common standards for reporting and clarity on definitions and targets to make cross-EU comparisons more meaningful.

“Undoubtedly EU waste legislation has been a force for good in the UK industry, with the Landfill Directive a prime example of how EU legislation has driven policy forward and transformed our resource recovery industry in the last decade. We doubt that successive UK Governments would have managed this alone.

“We want our engagement with the EU to be embedded and constructive, and respecting the principle of subsidiarity we believe that the UK should continue to embrace this approach – continued involvement in EU policy is good for the waste and resources industry.”