Treasury to lead resource security review if Labour forms government


A Labour government would undertake a review of resource security, the party has revealed.

This review would be led by the Treasury and would aim to develop economic benefits from using resources efficiently.


Labour revealed this in its Green Plan that expanded on its commitments made in its recently published manifesto.

The document said: “There are opportunities to create jobs in Britain by using all our resources more efficiently and recycling waste at home rather than exporting it abroad. There is already a growing industry in remanufacturing. It provides jobs in every region, and for every skill level.

“The next Labour government will undertake a review of resource security to unlock the economic opportunities from using our resources more efficiently. This review will be led by the Treasury and it will galvanise real action across Whitehall, business and local government.

“Labour’s approach will create confidence in the long-term demand for recycled material, encouraging more investment, boosting growth and high-skilled jobs and improving resource security. Action on resource security will also deliver the stability we need across our economy by reducing our exposure to volatile raw materials prices.”