Turkey proposing paper mills and waste facilities will need environmental permit

Turkey Environment Minister Murat Kurum
Turkey's Environment Minister Murat Kurum

A consultation has been launched by the Turkish Government that will require waste facilities and paper mills to apply for an environmental permit.

Those facilities that do not apply for the permit, or are refused it or lose it for transgressions, will not be able to purchase material.


For paper mills producing more than 300 tonnes per day, this will be the first time they will be required to have an environmental permit.

Waste facilities are already required to have a permit, but will be subject to assessment on air and noise pollution for the first time.

Businesses involved will need to apply for an Environmental Permit and a License B that will last for five years.

If the total production or waste consumption of the facility increases by one third, they will need to reapply for their permit and license.

Those companies that do not conform with the terms of the permit and license will be given up to a year to resolve the issue, but will not be able to purchase waste materials or recycled feedstock until the issue is resolved.

If at the end of this year, the issue has not been resolved, then the permit and license will be cancelled.

The consultation has been launched by Turkey’s Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation.

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