Turkey sets out recycled polymer grades that are permitted for import

PET flake
Recycled PET flake

The Turkish Government has revealed that a small number of recycled polymer grades will be permitted for import.

It has set out the HS codes that are permitted under new tough regulations and includes PS,PVC, PP and PET.


For each of these, they must meet the standards of the Turkish Standards Institution (TSE) and importers will be required to have a bank guarantee for three years on a per tonne basis. This means that for each tonne of the facility’s annual capacity, they must guarantee 100 Turkish Lira (£8.40) over the three year period.

However, the facilities will still be subject to the 50% import quota despite having to provide a bank guarantee for 100% of their production for imports.

Those companies that are given licences to import these materials will face penalties if they illegally import any recycled polymer grades.

These penalties will include will have their permission to import cancelled, will not be able to import for five years and the bank collateral they provided will be given to the Turkish Government.

The Turkish HS codes that are permitted are:

  • 3915. – styrene polymers with a TSE certificate for PS granules
  • 3915. – PVC polymers with a TSE certificate for PVC granules
  • 3915. – PP with a TSE certificate
  • 3915. – PET with a TSE certificate for PET flake, granules and sheet.

Turkey recently announced a crack down on certain recycled polymer grade imports.

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