UCL and HSSMI form sustainable manufacturing alliance


A top university and a manufacturing research organisation have formed a partnership to investigate sustainable manufacturing.

University College London (UCL) and the High Speed Sustainable Manufacturing Institute will work together to look at the challenges facing manufacturing.


From first research concepts to full-scale industrial production, they will address issues of energy consumption, sustainable production methods, and the generation of high-value jobs and opportunities.

The partnership will seek to enable sustainable manufacturing within an increasingly urbanised society and develop a manufacturing industry that can provide high value UK jobs and products that offer sustainable value throughout their lifecycle.

UCL Engineering dean Professor Anthony Finkelstein said: “London is a global city and, though people do not know this, a centre of high-value manufacturing and engineering excellence. We are committed to working with HSSMI to build a research and knowledge exchange to focus on sustainable manufacturing in London.”

HSSMI research director Leslie Lee added: “We see significant added value through the new partnership with UCL. We gain access to its global leading research, and in turn, we can develop manufacturing processes and identify costs, deliver quality and high speed production.”