UK company Mura signs chemical recycling licensing deal with Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation

ReNew ELP Teesside
An impression of the ReNew ELP Teesside facility from Mura Technology

Mura Technology, and its licensing partner KBR, have signed an agreement for deployment of its plastic chemical recycling technology in Japan.

UK-based Mura will license its HydroPRS system, that it will use at its first plant in Teesside from 2022, to Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation (MCC).


While Japan collects 84% of its plastic waste, the majority of this is sent to energy-from-waste facilities. Mura’s advanced recycling process will help the country meet its 2030 goal of reducing disposable plastic waste by a quarter.

MCC conducted a feasibility study of Mura’s technology, backed by engineering support from KBR prior to signing its first global licensing agreement.

Mura Technology chief executive Steve Mahon said: “We are at the tipping point of an environmental catastrophe with plastic pollution, let alone the carbon emissions caused by extracting fossil fuels to make virgin plastics.

“We need solutions today, at scale, that can provide a real sustainable solution for global industry and the largest consumer brands.

“That’s why we’re taking a global-first approach – to scale fast and meet the challenge head on. There’s no time to waste.

“This first global licence with Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation is demonstration of the potential of our alliance with KBR to provide a win-win for the environment, economy and society, helping keep our environment free from plastic and oil where it belongs – in the ground.”

Mura Technology plans sites in USA and Germany along with its ReNew ELP plant in Redcar.

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