UK first road sweeping and trommel fines recycling plant opened


Eastern Waste Disposal has opened what is believed to be the first facility to recycle road sweepings, gully waste and trommel fines in the UK.

Installed by CDEnviro at Brightlingsea in Essex, the plant is capable of processing 50,000 tonnes per year.


The plant washes the material allowing valuable items to be removed such as the fines.

Eastern Waste Disposal director Danny Carter said: “In recent years, waste disposal has turned to waste recovery and recycling.

“Equipment, technology and plant require huge capital investment but we knew we had to keep ahead of the industry to remain competitive in the growing waste sector.

“We are in a position now to improve the quality of our recycled products and create a more sustainable market for our customers. The CDEnviro system has allowed us to unlock the potential of road sweepings and treat trommel fines as a resource not a waste.”