UK set to be world’s leading user of biomass


A report has said that more power generation from biomass will be commissioned in the UK than anywhere else in the world in the next five years.

Germany-based consultancy ecoprog has made the claim in its Biomass to Energy market study report.


Over 300 power plants are set to be built in Europe over the next few years with a capacity of 4,500MW. The UK will be the world’s largest market with a generating capacity of 1,400MW set to be commissioned by 2016.

France and Poland are also set to expand use of biomass significantly, while more established markets such as Finland, Sweden and Germany will only re-invest in existing infrastructure.

At present, there are 2,200 biomass plants around the world with a total capacity of 32,000MW. Another 820 plants are expected to come on stream in the next five years with a capacity of 12.5GW.

Europe will continue to be the largest market during this period, but China, India and USA will also experience strong growth.

The report says that the growth is happening due to higher fossil fuel prices as well as the introduction of subsidies such as feed-in tariffs in many countries.