UK throws away 19 loaves of bread per household each year

Pic: Bruno Glatsch

According to Love Food Hate Waste (LFHW), in the UK we throw away the equivalent of 19 loaves of bread per household annually. 

The organisation has investigated how people in the UK ‘compleat’ their food, and has found that food such as apples, potatoes and bread are wasted due to personal preference.  


From this, it is calling on people to find fun and innovative ways to make use of bread crusts, broccoli stalks, pumpkin seeds, potato skins and any other edibles that may be thrown out.  

It has been working with Masterchef’s Imran Nathoo and Indian chef Hari Ghotra to get people thinking about how they can ‘compleat’ a meal.  

Crusts and end slices of bread are among the most wasted foods. Of the 410,000 tonnes of bread we throw away in the UK each year, over a quarter is crust and ends. This is enough to make 11 billion soldiers to dunk eggs into annually, said LFHW. 

Focusing on wasted foods, LFHW spoke to over 2,000 UK adults to see whether they are already ‘compleating’ their meals.  

It found that when it came to bread there was a gender difference. The data showed that 72% of men ate the crusts, compared to 60% of women.  

In total, 66% of people said that they always eat their bread crust.  

To prevent food waste, LFHW has suggested some tips:  

  • Make a quick mini pizza by loading up the end slice of bread with some pizza toppings 
  • Whiz together carrot leaves with oil, parmesan and garlic for homemade pesto 
  • Chop up un-peeled spuds into small chunks before boiling to create skin-on mash 
  • Carrots, parsnips and other root vegetables are edible without peeling. 

LFHW campaign project manager Jenny Carr said: “Food waste is often a result of habit: we throw out broccoli stalks, bread ends, and potato skins not because we don’t like them, but just because that’s what we’ve always done. The compleating campaign asks people to reconsider those food waste habits and try new ways of using up everyday foods to get the most value from what you buy.”  

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