UK: Waste Recycling Group and Focsa Services (UK) to rebrand as FCC Environment


After being signalled last year that Waste Recycling Group (WRG) and Focsa Services (UK) would become one brand, it has now been revealed that the company will be known as FCC Environment.

WRG was bought by Spanish giant FCC in 2006, and the operation of the group has been gradually merged into one management and business by FCC with its own Focsa Services (UK) business.


FCC Environment marketing and communications director Kristian Dales told SCM: “WRG was best known for landfill and some recycling and FOCSA was known for its municipal waste services and things such as street cleaning. Both of these had small business areas, but when you put them together it is a much larger business.

“We were under-leveraging our position in the market as a result.”

In June last year, FCC chairman Baldomero Falcones said that all of its UK businesses would come under the FCC Environment brand, but it has taken until now to make that a reality.

“This means we can trade off our international name FCC,” said Dales. “Rather than being a subsidiary of FCC, we become part of the core business.”

WRG has traditionally been known as a company based around landfill, but Dales said the strategy of moving towards recycling and energy solutions will remain in place.

FCC Environment was recently given planning permission for an energy from waste facility in Buckinghamshire, and it was also part of the Skanska bid for Bradford and Calderdale Waste Treatment project that was given preferred bidder status in April. The company is also looking to build more materials recycling facilities and anaerobic digestion plants.

“We will be looking to grow our collection contracts around our infrastructure and then offer more business waste solutions around those contracts and infrastructure,” Dales said.