UK’s first circular officer chair launched by Premier Sustain and Orangebox


A fully remanufactured office chair has been revealed by Premier Sustain and Orangebox.

The G64R is a remanufactured office chair to as good as new condition. Originally made by Orangebox, it is remanufactured by Premier Sustain at its Renew Centre in North London.


The Renew Centre was opened in 2011 to remanufacture, repair and refurbish desks and chairs.

The Orangebox G64 chairs that are near or past their warranty, are returned to Orangebox and then collected for remanufacturing to as good as new condition.

Orangebox senior designer Gareth Banks said: “Orangebox has long been committed to taking a circular economy approach to design and manufacturing our office furniture.

“Having been highly impressed by Premier Sustain’s remanufacturing capabilities, we carried out a series of successful trials that demonstrated the practical and economic viability of our vision for the G64.

“We are delighted to be launching the G64R and taking the next step in our closed loop approach to manufacturing.”