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UN Environment and European Commission to work closer on new Oceans Roadmap

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The UN Environment and the European Commission (EC) have agreed to work closer through the 2018 Oceans Roadmap 2.0, which addresses the main threats of pollution and marine litter.

This new Roadmap on Healthy, Productive and Resilient Oceans will see a stronger EC-UN Environment Partnership to support the conservation of marine biodiversity.

In the new Roadmap, the EC and UN Environment reaffirmed their commitment to protect the oceans by:

  • Addressing land-based sourced to combat marine pollution
  • Working through existing governance structures to share ideas and lessons learnt
  • Supporting healthy marine and coastal ecosystems, which can help strengthen capacity for sustainable fisheries
  • Contributing to the implementation of relevant targets and Sustainable Development Goals.

EU Commissioner for the Environment, Fisheries and Maritime Affairs Karmenu Vella said: “These two years have been increasingly fruitful for the UNEP and European Commission. Some key environmental issues – the Circular Economy, Ocean Governance, Pollution – have developed significantly both in the EU and globally.

“The 2018 Roadmap on Healthy and Productive Oceans and Seas will further deepen our cooperation, and our ongoing success.”


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