Upturn predicted for UK plastic recycling


Rising costs of manufacturing in the Far East could lead to improved opportunities for UK companies, says Axion Polymers.

According to director Keith Freegard, tapping into the UK’s proven plastics recycling infrastructure and national pride from events such as last year’s Olympic Games could help British firms that have struggled to match Asia companies in recent years.


Indeed, Axion is finding more interest in its UK-sourced 100 per cent recycled polymers Axpoly PS01 and PP51 that are derived from waste fridge and end-of-life vehicle plastics for use in closed loop manufacturing of automotive and washing machine parts.

Keith Freegard said: “New market opportunities are emerging in the UK as branded producers and retailers recognise the need to offer customers a more sustainable product using raw materials that have been recycled in the UK’s well developed plastics recycling chain.

“This strikes a chord with many ‘middle England’ consumers, already diligent recyclers themselves, who understand that buying UK-produced goods supports local jobs and businesses.

“I can only foresee a growing trend for some manufacturing to migrate back to the UK. I would also challenge all purchasing managers to re-visit the concept of getting high quality goods ‘Made in GB’ using plastic raw materials that have also been ‘Recycled in GB’ when seeking quotations for next year’s wonder product. They could be pleasantly surprised by the benefits this can deliver to their businesses.”