Urbaser Balfour Beatty writes open letter to set out facts against Gloucestershire opposition group


A fightback against “misinformation” has been staged by Urbaser Balfour Beatty (UBB) in Gloucestershire.

The company has written an open letter addressed to Sue Oppenheimer who is the chairman of the opposition group Glosvain that is opposed to the energy from waste facility UBB plans to build at Javelin Park.


In the letter, UBB Gloucestershire project director Javier Peiro wrote: “Urbaser Balfour Beatty is aware of the concerns some people have about the proposed energy from waste facility at Javelin Park. We have responded to these concerns with the facts about the project, yet feel that some parties are continuing to spread misinformation that is designed to scare people.

“Glosvain recently published some maps which suggest the facility would result in a ‘toxic cloud’ over large parts of the county. We also note Glosvain’s recent claims that the proposed energy from waste facility would have a ‘disturbing impact on local air quality’.

“These claims are wrong and this letter sets the facts straight.

“There will be no visible ‘smoke’ from the stack. The only thing that may be occasionally visible is water vapour, which will mostly be seen over the site itself.

“Glosvain’s maps suggest a visible plume of over 20km from the facility. This is a misleading exaggeration – in reality it will be a tiny fraction of that distance (at a maximum of 262 metres from the stack, and even then only in worst weather conditions).”

He also outlined in the letter how the air pollution control system works as well as looking at air quality standards and the health impact of the facility.

In the rest of the letter, he added: “I would like to take this opportunity to reassure you that Urbaser is a very experienced waste management company. Our energy from waste facilities are built and operated to the highest safety standards and have never breached emissions limits. We have followed all best practice guidelines and have employed other experienced professionals to give us balanced, accurate advice based on the facts…

“…Finally, it is important to note that the planning application is considered on its merits. This facility will meet an urgent need to divert Gloucestershire’s non-recyclable waste from landfill. It will provide a local solution for the county’s waste, generate 14.5MW electricity and save Gloucestershire County Council up to £190 million over the life of the contract.”